Julia Albores, LCSW-R


Julia Albores is a licensed clinical social worker, a graduate of the Hunter College School of Social Work and a member of the NASW.  She is experienced in working with children, adolescents, and adults, as well as couples and families on a wide range of issues.  Julia is also bilingual (English/Spanish) and has experience working with Spanish speaking clients. Her approach emphasizes systems and interpersonal relationships. Julia brings her warm unconditional positive regard to her clients and believes the most important part of therapy is the therapeutic relationship.

Julia’s pre and post masters work and experiences demonstrate a commitment to empowering individuals and families to find their expertise to solve their own problems.  During her graduate practicum, Julia provided assessment and treatment services at South Beach Psychiatric Center, where she also helped develop and run programs aimed at building family involvement in therapy.  She gained in-depth experience working with patients with major mental illness in the center’s Lithium clinic.  Julia went on to complete a second internship and later became a clinical staff member of the Roberto Clemente Family Therapy Training Program, an affiliate of Gouverneur Hospital, where she gained experience working with immigrants and individuals from diverse backgrounds while using a multicultural systemic perspective.  As part of her post graduate training, Julia completed 2 years in the core training program/Live Clinical Supervision at the Ackerman Institute for the Family.  Julia’s competenciesinclude cognitive-behavioral, gestalt, structural family therapy, group therapy, cultural competency in therapy, and attachment-and play-based work with children. 

At Interactive Discovery, Julia brings a heart centered voice to her work with each individual and family.  She works collaboratively with her clients to find solutions and life-long skills that they can usein dealing with their immediate and long-termchallenges.  Julia strongly believes thateach individual is their own best expert and with facilitative guidance will find solutions to their problems.  She is passionate about her work and views herself as a tool to draw forward the expertise and brilliance within each client and family.