ID Family

Interactive Discovery's group private practice is the creation of Dr. Brodsky's zeal for collaborative work.  The ID family consists of therapists and practitioners who share a desire to help people in a nurturing and supportive environment.  It is our core belief that the most effective interventions are developed by experts, working as a team, towards the goal of providing the best possible patient care.  Thus, Interactive Discovery attracts clinicians who share similar commitments to collaboration, community service, and quality care.

Working together has been an important philosophy of our group.  Armed with this unifying mission, ID has successfully convened a diverse group of clinicians, with varying backgrounds, who value an eclectic approach to Mental Health. While we come from different modes of training and specialties, we consistently support and contribute to each other’s work.  This system has allowed us to grow as professionals and individuals.

Since our inception in 2009, the ID family has indeed grown rapidly, and in October of 2015, ID opened its sister office, also located in Park Slope.