Rebecca Rubin, LCAT, MHC-LP

Rebecca Rubin is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Mental Health Counselor with over 13 years of experience in the mental health field working individually and in groups with youth in school-based settings, trauma survivors, children in foster care, formerly incarcerated teens, homeless families, as well as within private practice settings. She works with children, teens, adults, and couples specializing in depression, anxiety, complex/developmental trauma, relationships, loss/bereavement, and professional burnout. One of Rebecca’s favorite sayings by Thich Nhat Hanh is “No mud, no lotus” which expresses her deep trust in the human capacity for growth and healing through life’s struggles. She draws on client strengths integrating talk-therapy modalities including humanistic, psychodynamic, attachment, cognitive-behavioral, and trauma-informed techniques with her creative arts therapy background.

As an ‘intermodalist’, Rebecca interweaves creativity utilizing visual arts, writing, movement, drama, music, and mindfulness. Working with Rebecca, clients are able to identify and access inner resiliency, connect holistically to their experiences, and give voice to that which there are no words. Rebecca uses her warmth, groundedness, empathy, and humor to tackle concerns with clients each step of the way. In addition, as a trained vocalist and musician Rebecca has a special interest in working with creative artists of all modalities, providing a space to explore one’s art as a medium of transformation. She has worked with teen artists and adult professional visual artists, actors, writers, musicians, and dancers providing a space where creative expression is as paramount as verbal processing.

Rebecca additionally carries the role of Director of Programming at Interactive Discovery. In this role, she brings over 10 years of program development and community-based experience, along with a strong belief that therapeutic work occurs holistically, not only on the individual level but within group and community work.  Rebecca works with our staff and community members to identify and create needed programming that approaches mental health and wellness in an integrative and holistic way.  Rebecca fosters partnerships with parents, schools, community affiliates, health providers, organizations, and corporations as well as develops services to support our NYC community.

Rebecca has a respect for diversity and honors differences.  She understands the role our identities including sexuality, race, ethnicity, gender, class, and spirituality play in our daily experiences. She has worked with members of the LGBTQI community both individually and in groups.  Practicing from the understanding that creative modalities connect us to our humanity, Rebecca fosters a space where clients can feel safe and empowered to express and embrace their whole selves without judgment.

Rebecca has presented at a number of conferences including the International Expressive Therapies Conferences in Peru and Hong Kong. She is published in the Journal of Applied Arts and Health (JAAH) on the topic of gender-based violence and the expressive arts in community-based activism. Rebecca’s book review on the topic of school-based art therapy with at-risk youth is also presently being published by JAAH.  She received a Master’s degree in Expressive Therapies from Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She also holds a BA in Child Development from Tufts University and a BM in Vocal Performance from New England Conservatory of Music.