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Interactive Discovery
163 Prospect Park West
(Corner of 11th street)
Brooklyn, NY 11215

(347) 335-0165

(718) 306-7755

Second Location
558 2nd St
(btw 7th and 8th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11215

(347) 725-4301

Interactive Discovery was created in response to the need for Holistic therapeutic services for adults and children.  We work with the whole person in the context of nature, nurture and unique life circumstances, offering interventions in a variety of modalities.  

We provide child, adult, couples, family, and group therapy using an integrative therapeutic approach by addressing and mirroring real world experiences and interventions that can be applied outside of a therapeutic setting.  

We conduct comprehensive Neuropsychological, Psychological, and Psychoeducational Evaluations as well as Preschool screeningsThese services always include detailed feedback sessions and specific recommendations.  

We offer Workshops for educators, professionals, and parents, as well as the general public on various topics of interest.

Our Collaborators Art of Parenting  specializes in the early stages of family planning and familial growth. AOP is available to come to other sites and offer services in English, Portuguese, and Spanish.