Zest Nutrition

“In my practice I am a dedicated advocate of food as medicine treatment and prevention approaches. I strongly believe in a healing power of food and promote sustainable life and nutrition changes, rather than dieting and calorie counting. I love working directly with people, sharing my knowledge, and witnessing their successful transformations.

- Olga Ivanov”



• Enhancing brain function through a balanced nutrition
• Weigh management in adults and pediatrics
• Pre-menopausal and menopausal women’s nutrition
• Diabetes Mellitus management
• Cardiovascular health
• Allergies and food intolerance
• Meal planning and general wellness


• Nutrition Consultations
• Individual Nutrition Counseling
• Family Nutrition Consultations
• Healthy Cooking Demos
• Grocery Store Tours
• Pantry Make Overs
• Corporate Wellness Lectures

Prior to consultation:

Clients will fill out a record form that reflects their medical history and current health concerns.

In order to provide clients with outmost effective nutrition services it is very helpful if clients bring their most recent full blood work that includes: complete blood count, basic metabolic panel, blood enzyme test, lipoprotein panel, liver panel, Hemoglobin A1C, fibrinogen, homocysteine, DHEA, estradiol, and TSH. Some labs can measure Omega-3 Fatty Acids Index, which relates to the risk for cardiovascular diseases and may be useful.

What to expect during the consultation:

Initial consultation includes dietary assessment of your eating habits, nutritional needs, actual and potential nutrient deficiencies and risk factors associated with them. We will discuss your current health concerns and establish strategies towards sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes. We will indicate your short and long term nutrition goals, while taking into consideration your food preferences, cooking abilities, accessibility, budget and time constraints. You will receive a suggested “meal plan” to meet your dietary needs and address health concerns.

What to expect after the consultation:

Within next three days after the initial consultation you will receive summary of what we discussed. The summary will include recommendations and strategies what will help you to navigate towards the established goals.  I will follow up over the email or telephone within a week to answer any other questions or concerns. In person follow up appointment is recommended within two weeks after the initial visit.


Butternut Squash Rosemary Pureed SoupCeleriac, Pomegranate, Leek, and Mint Salad | Love Beet Salad