Interactive Discovery was created in response to the need for holistic therapeutic services for adults and children.  We work with the whole person through the lens of one's nature, nurture and unique life circumstances. The multidimensional, perspective allows Interactive Discovery to offer interventions in a variety of modalities.  

The mind and the body are intimately connected. The inner-workings of our mind are often reflected in the functioning of our bodies. Thus, the importance of examining the mind and body connection is imperative for mental health. Exploring the benefits of natural remedies, such as: breathing exercises, meditations, healing massages, yoga, and diet are all essential to our work. In that spirit, we incorporate the services of a Registered Dietitian and collaborate with local wellness centers to help our community feel good!

We provide child, adult, couples, family, and group therapy using an integrative therapeutic approach. By addressing and mirroring real world experiences and developing interventions that can be practical and applied outside of a therapeutic setting.  

In addition to our therapeutic work, Interactive Discovery conducts comprehensive Neuropsychological, Psychological, and Psychoeducational Evaluations as well as Preschool screenings.  These services always include detailed feedback sessions and specific recommendations.  

Workshops on a variety of topics of interest are available for educators, professionals, parents, and the general public. We value working closely with schools and have developed and provided diverse after-school programming. These programs have included Community Building courses for children, training workshops for teachers, and classroom interventions for teachers and students.