Interactive Group Work

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We specialize in working with children and adults in a therapeutic setting, providing group activities both in a structured environment and in real life settings. Our groups run from 8 to 12 weeks. 

For children’s groups, we work with school personnel, mental health professionals, children, and their families to assess the needs of each child, and provide a group that best fits their needs.  Adult groups are formed based on their needs, clinician feedback, and topics of interest.

Our many years of group work, and history of successful program development and implementation make our groups exciting, enriching, and supportive for our participants.  Below are descriptions of the types of groups that we have run successfully in the past.


Children will learn how to appropriately communicate and interact with peers. While engaging in fun activities, children are taught how to identify and talk about feelings, ways to join and/or leave play, share and compromise with others, tolerate frustration, and express their needs.

WE CHAT (teen group)

WeChat is a group for 10th-12th grade teenage girls. The group will give girls a chance to discuss common teenage concerns such as difficult friendships, peer pressure, dating, body image, and relationships with parents. The group will focus on helping girls improve self-concept, connect with others, and celebrate individuality.

EXPRESS YOURSELF (child or adult group)

Express Yourself Children/adults will learn how to express themselves and their feelings creatively through multimedia outlets.

School Anxiety (child group only)

Children will learn how to better cope with the stress and anxiety they feel related to socialization, testing, and other school experiences.

Families in Transition (child or adult group)

Children/adults will learn how to deal with their feelings about changes in their families, including but not limited to: separation/divorce, arrival of a new sibling, parent returning to work, and relocating to a new home.

Dealing with Grief (child or adult group)

Children/adults will learn how to express and cope with their feelings about death and loss.

Men’s group (adults only)

Today’s men are dealing with many different challenges of life in terms of their role as a partner, friend, and parent (either stay at home dad and/or financial provider). Many men often feel confused, misunderstood and isolated. This group tackles these and other issues that are faced by today’s men.

Women’s group (adults only)

Women today are expected to "do it all", from working in high- pressure jobs, to raising children, to dating and socializing. While this can lead to a sense of pride and fulfillment, at times it can feel emotionally draining, stressful, and even lonely. We created is group for young professional women to have a safe place to voice their challenges, recognize commonalities, and offer and receive support. Please contact Interactive Discovery via email ( or by phone (718-306-7755 or 345-335-0154) for more information.